Manufacturing services

We make whatever industrial plastic and metal products and components you need. That’s it in a nutshell. Because we work across a wide range of manufacturing processes, we can provide the most appropriate and efficient approach, depending on the function and requirements of your product.

  • If you need low minimum order quantities, we can produce a run of as little as 300 pieces.
  • Production and quality control is overseen by our own engineering and quality teams.
  • We provide weekly air freight and fortnightly consolidated sea freight deliveries.

Plastic injection moulding

A highly accurate production process that’s ideal for large volumes, with a wide range of materials and finishes.

Metal injection moulding

Suitable for complex parts, metal injection moulding offers high precision and good repeatability.

Die casting

Lower tooling costs make die casting a good choice for smaller production runs of complex products.

Stamping & pressing

A relatively quick and cost effective process, particularly useful for large production runs of less intricate products.

CNC machining

A precise process that’s ideal for complex parts, in a wide range of materials.

Hot & cold forging

Forging is less precise and more cost effective, and suitable for high volumes.


Developing and perfecting your design of product or component.

Tooling fabrication

Expert mould tooling, at extremely competitive prices.

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