Tooling fabrication

Tooling means designing and creating the moulds that are used for plastic and metal injection moulding, stamping and pressing. It’s an area in which we have almost a century of experience, and today we offer a highly cost effective and precise service.

We were one of the first companies in the world to experiment with plastics moulding early in the 20th century. Today we offer a cost effective and high precision tooling service, using our own in-house expertise.

We’re able to reverse engineer a product sample or CAD drawing to produce a machine tool that will generate your product. Moulds tools are so durable and reliable they will last for many production cycles, so their cost can be considered an investment.

Mould tools will belong to you, but we can maintain, refurbish and repairs them when you need us to.

We can also provide tooling as a standalone service where clients require in-house control over their production.

Why choose tooling fabrication with us?

  • Low cost, high precision service.
  • They key to cost effective manufacturing.

Why choose us

We deliver custom manufacturing at extremely competitive prices, but without the headaches, stress and complications.

Our working process

We’ll send you a quote 48 hours after getting a technical drawing from you, and once you’ve approved your samples, you’ll receive full delivery just 10 weeks later.

Supply chain & logistics

Our global supply chain has been in continuous operation for over a decade, overseen by our experienced staff in our UK and China offices.

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