Plastic injection moulding

The Rencol name has been synonymous with plastic injection moulding since the 1920’s. Rencol Manufacturing specialises in bringing our client’s projects to life – from prototyping, mass manufacturing, delivery and project management, our service is comprehensive, cost effective and reliable.

Projects manufactured by us:

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Accuracy and speed are the hallmarks of plastic injection moulding. It’s ideal for large production runs, as most of the cost is incurred in creating the mould tools (something we we’re particularly competitive at producing).

With our high quality mould tools, plastic injection moulding achieves finished parts with a high degree of accuracy. That means you get consistent quality and the ability to repeat exactly the same product time after time. Often very little finishing is needed.

This is a fast process compared with other ways of manufacturing plastic, and it’s efficient when it comes to material usage – the excess material can be recycled. Labour costs are low, and the process is particularly costs effective for large volumes.

We’re able to offer very competitive pricing and have decades of in-house experience. We serve clients who purchase just hundreds of moulded pieces as well as those who need millions each year.

Why choose plastic injection moulding with us?

  • Cost effective and reliable – we have decades of experience in injection moulding and tool making.
  • We’re able to produce a wide range of plastic parts from small, lightweight multi-cavity plastic components to complex, multi-shot heavyweight products.
  • Multi-part assemblies and sub assemblies.
  • Part weights from a few grams up to 1.7kg.
  • Large range of materials including thermoset (phenolic) and thermoplastic, available in large range of RAL colours.
  • Secondary processes including pad printing, screen-printing, engraving and soft touch/TPE overmoulding.
  • Just 500 piece minimum order quantity.
  • Mature and efficient global supply chain.
  • Typical lead time 10-12 weeks following sample approval.

Industry sector experience

Aerospace / Automotive / Construction / Chemical / Electronics / Marine / Military / Medical / Oil and Gas / Catering / Consumer goods

Why choose us

We deliver custom manufacturing at extremely competitive prices, but without the headaches, stress and complications.

Our working process

We’ll send you a quote 48 hours after getting a technical drawing from you, and once you’ve approved your samples, you’ll receive full delivery just 10 weeks later.

Supply chain & logistics

Our global supply chain has been in continuous operation for over a decade, overseen by our experienced staff in our UK and China offices.

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