Our design and prototyping capabilities can develop your idea rapidly from concept to a product that’s ready to be mass manufactured cost effectively and efficiently.

Optimising a new product or component to be made in large numbers at low cost and to the necessary specifications is a specialist skill. Our experts can help refine and perfect your concept quickly and efficiently, testing and improving it and advising on good practice, risk of failure, standards and regulations.

We can prototype for function, to ensure its shape, strength and tolerances are all optimised for the function it will carry out, as well as prototyping for manufacturing, looking for the most cost effective and efficient processes to achieve the required results.

Prototyping projects by us:


Because we have long experience in these areas, we know what to look for and where the pitfalls typically lie. We’ll help you get over the prototyping hurdle quickly so you can move onto the manufacturing stage.

We use CNC machining and additive manufacturing, including 3D printing, as tools in the process of refining a product and creating prototypes for testing.

Why choose prototyping with us?

  • Prototypes available via CNC machining and additive manufacturing, including 3D printing.
  • Ensure you have the most effective design for your function.
  • Ensure you choose the most efficient manufacturing processes.
  • Get ready for mass manufacturing more quickly.
  • Reduce risk.

Why choose us

We deliver custom manufacturing at extremely competitive prices, but without the headaches, stress and complications.

Our working process

We’ll send you a quote 48 hours after getting a technical drawing from you, and once you’ve approved your samples, you’ll receive full delivery just 10 weeks later.

Supply chain & logistics

Our global supply chain has been in continuous operation for over a decade, overseen by our experienced staff in our UK and China offices.

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