Privacy Policy

Who we are:

Rencol is a privately owned company which deals in business to business sales of products in three principal areas:

1) Supply of small machine elements such as knobs, handles latches and the like to manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and similar sectors (Rencol Components),

2) Supply of bespoke parts to a customer’s own design or drawing utilising a variety of manufacturing processes from approved vendors (Rencol Manufacturing),

3) Supply of light and heavy positioning equipment, racking and accessories to the engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing sectors (Rencol Automation)

Where we are:

Unit 2 Avonbridge Estate
Atlantic Rd

Who is our Data Protection Officer?

Lesley Burbidge. If you have concerns about data privacy, wish to know what personal data of yours we hold, or believe you should not be on a list we hold, please contact her in the first instance using this email address: and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

What data do we hold?

1) Employee Data

If you are an employee of Rencol, we will hold your name and address, your email address if you have shared it with us, and your bank account and salary and expenses details. We are legally obliged to hold this information and to share it with appropriate governmental agencies such as HMRC. We hold this information for the duration of your employment with us and for seven years thereafter.

This information is held (password protected) on secure servers and on remote servers operated by Sage UK Ltd. (Click here for the Sage privacy policy).

2) Customer Data and Supplier data

If you have bought products or services from Rencol in the last 7 years or if we have bought product or services from you in the last 7 years, we will hold your company address(es), the names and email addresses of customer officers or key contacts and company bank account details that you have supplied us with. We are obliged to hold and retain this information for 7 years.

What do we do with this data?

We fulfil our legal obligation to HMRC.

We use the data for procurement of and payment for goods and services.

We use the data to invoice customers for goods and services supplied.

We notify you of new products or services in your area of interest, or of product or service withdrawals. You have the right to ask us to discontinue marketing emails and direct mail at any time and we will make it easy for you to do so, though because of our legal obligations we will not delete your details for seven years following the last transaction between us.

Other than as required by lawful government agencies, and in order to manage our day to day operations, for which we use the OrderWise enterprise management software (click for privacy policy) we do not share your details with third parties, unless you specifically require us to.

This data is held on secure servers, and on remote servers (the cloud) securely operated by Salesforce UK (click for their privacy policy) and Campaign Monitor on our behalf.

3) Prospective Customer’s Data

If you have enquired about our products or services, asked for quotations or expressed a general interest in our products, we collect your company details such as address(es), email addresses, telephone number(s), web site address(es) and contact names and we store them on remote servers operated by Salesforce UK on our behalf.

We collect this data from you yourselves directly, or from public sources you yourselves have published or which is published on your behalf (website contact details for instance).

We collect this data because it is necessary for us to provide you with quotations or contracts you have asked for, or for us to exercise due diligence in preparation for a transaction or contract.

What do we do with this data?

We store it on Salesforce to ensure that we can accurately fulfil any order which eventually results from a quotation or enquiry, accurately invoice it, and fulfil any special provisions agreed as a condition of sale.

We may occasionally use the information to inform you of new products or offers in your area of interest. You have an unconditional right to be removed from any such mailing list.

In the event that you do not place an order with us, we will hold the details you have provided us with for a period of 2 years from the last contact between us. You have the right to ask us to erase your details at any time in that period. Should the data be required in support of a legal claim or action we will extend that period for as long as is necessary to resolve the claim or action. In the case where it is a claim or action brought in your interest, you must notify us that you wish us to retain your data within the 2 year period.

We will not share your details with third parties unless you specifically request us to.

4) Visitors to our Website

If you have filled in an on-line form your data will be stored in one of the previous 2 categories, depending upon whether you eventually place an order or not.

For all other visitors, we will collect data of your activity by using cookies. None of this data is personally identifiable. We can see what browser you are using, we cannot see who you are. The data collected by cookies is analysed securely by Google Analytics & Hotjar to see which bits of our website are most and least visited in order that we might improve it. We cannot use the data to identify you for any purposes whatsoever.

It is our absolute commitment to protect the data we hold and to fully respect your rights in regard to it.

You can find further information by visiting the website of the Information Commission.